International education! Is it really worth it???

Some years ago, I wanted to leave the shores of Nigeria to study abroad, I just wanted to “gerrout” in Naija slang. I considered different options, countries, programs/degrees; anything that will get me an admission letter to proceed to embassy. I conducted research on post-graduate institutions in the US, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, or Ghana to mention a few. It was an herculean task to achieve this dream considering a lot of factors; costs, environment (crime, discrimination and government in power), and post-graduation prospects and opportunities.

For four years, I researched MBA schools that could provide me with life-long learning, life-changing experiences and opportunities to explore the world around me and to achieve my short-term career goal.  Eventually I settled for a one-year investment that I can confidently and proudly state here that “IT PAID OFF”.

Various research revealed that international graduates are attractive to employers because of the knowledge and experience they bring to the table, exposure to diverse culture, and global networking opportunities. It serves as a gateway to an enriching, fulfilling, interesting and educationally stimulating experiences of a life time.

Bruce Pohlmann, in his article on “the benefits of international education” explained that an international student develops an understanding of other cultures that can bring new insight into understanding his own culture as well. The new networks developed while studying overseas can be important when seeking employment.

I took my chances and it landed me countless opportunities in Canada. One out of all these opportunities is Ocrej General Services. Through Ocrej, various individuals moved from being prospective applicants to College/MBA students, to graduates and alumni who are gainfully employed in multinational corporations and government institutions. Some of our clients have been granted permanent residency status in Canada.

What about you? Do you mind taking a leap of faith into a journey that will give you a life-long peace of mind for you, children and generations to come? Please makeup your mind today. We are the right service provider that will work with you each step of the way to secure legitimate admission, and provide useful information that will make your visa application, travel tickets, accommodation, relocation and settlement processes a “walk-over”.

Ocrej General Business provides numerous services, which include business research and consulting, market analysis, international student recruitment, settlement and counselling services. We have the experience and are strategically positioned in this business to work with you to attain your goals. I am very sure that you do not want to fall into wrong hand(s).

In a nutshell, international education presents countless opportunities that you could tap from, that is why we want to make the process effortless and pocket friendly for you. Please do not hesitate to call us or send an email for further information and clarification.




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